Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible. -Eddie Rickenbacker

What makes a business a successful one?

The ability to give the client more than what they expect.

We at Nieuwco Game Ranch strive to give you and offer you more services for your convenience.
For Game Farms and Ranches we offer the transport for your overseas hunters from the airport to the farm.

Further services on offer:

  • We can transport you to any Game auction or meeting anywhere in South Africa
  • We can do animal count and sightseeing on your farm

All your aviation needs can be fulfilled with our services.

  • Bell Jet Ranger

    Can accommodate 4 passengers

  • Bell Long Ranger

    Can accommodate 5 passengers

  • AS 350 Squirrel

    Can accommodate 5 passengers

  • Bell 407

    Can accommodate 5 passengers

  • Bell 230

    Can accommodate 4 or 6 passengers

  • R44

    Can accommodate 4 passengers